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Frequently Asked Questions 

How old should my child be to begin Suzuki lessons? 

There are many benefits of learning music from a young age, and I teach students aged three and older. In certain cases, I will teach children younger than three, and I always provide the opportunity for families to observe other children's lessons before starting to learn. 

Young children are like sponges and are able to take on new skills and languages with ease. Starting to learn music early allows children to develop their creativity and musicality in a natural, fun and rewarding way. 

I don't know anything about music - will I be able to do this? 

Yes, absolutely - no previous musical knowledge or experience is required! 

In the Suzuki approach, parent and child learn together and the teacher helps the parent to become the 'home teacher'. I will give clear guidance for your home practice during each lesson and many ideas to ensure your practice sessions are engaging and productive. 

Why do I have to attend every lesson with my child? 

As with the development of any skill, regular and focused practice is necessary. Children who practise well, develop their ability quickly and find the process of learning fulfilling and satisfying. In order to help with practice at home, parents attend lessons with their children, take notes and learn alongside them. 

Parents comment that Suzuki learning allows the rare opportunity to be directly involved in their children's education, and to devote quality time each day to their child away from the distractions of modern life. 

How much time/commitment is required for Suzuki learning? I have a busy work and home life and I am concerned about fitting everything in. 

Every family experiences their unique pressures and manages a hectic schedule. With dedication, focused practice can be included in the daily family routine. 

Just as you devote time to helping your child to get dressed, eat meals, brush their teeth and read a book, you can find a regular short period each day for some violin practice. Building a consistent routine (just as with teeth-brushing) allows for a smooth process for parent and child and positive attitudes to learning. 

My child has special needs - can they have Suzuki violin lessons with you?

Of course they can. The Suzuki Method is for everyone, and teachers are trained to be adaptable, resourceful and to provide a holistic approach to learning. There are numerous examples of the Suzuki approach helping children with special needs to develop their communication and social skills, and their self confidence. Please do not hesitate to introduce your child to Suzuki learning. 

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