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London Suzuki Group

All my students are members of the London Suzuki Group (LSG), which provides them with rewarding and valuable opportunities to enjoy making music with numerous children from different backgrounds and standards of playing in performance venues around London and further afield. Taking part in LSG concerts, workshops and 'playtogethers', gives Suzuki students the chance to share their progress, be inspired by their peers, and become comfortable with performing in public.

The London Suzuki Group is part of the British Suzuki Music Association. Follow @BritishSuzuki on Instagram and Twitter for inspiring and informative content. 

Forthcoming Events and Courses


Dunfield Suzuki Course, Herefordshire 

Dates: 28th - 31st October 2023

This is Heather Clemson's Suzuki residential course - she runs it predominately for her own students but there are places for students of other teachers. It's a wonderful experience and a lovely, fun and nurturing environment for Suzuki students of all ages. You will have lots of lessons with great teachers and there are many other exciting activities including a pyjama walk, swimming, midnight feasts, quiz etc.! Please contact me for a booking form. 


British Suzuki Graduation Concert, St John's, Smith Square, London 

Date: 12th November 2023

Charlotte Clemson Suzuki Violin term dates are here

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