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ABOUT 2023

Lessons with Charlotte

Charlotte provides violin lessons for children aged 3+ using the Suzuki Method in the Fulham/Putney area. All her students have a weekly individual lesson and also attend group lessons regularly. 

The Suzuki Method is a fun and engaging way for children to learn music, effective not only for achieving high standards of violin playing, but also for developing determination, creativity, sensitivity, concentration and many more qualities in children. 

A parent or carer should attend all lessons with the student and help them with daily practice and listening to music at home. Through the Suzuki approach, a strong bond is created between child, parent and teacher, and lessons are a rewarding and educational experience for both parent and child. No previous musical knowledge or experience is required. 

Charlotte's students enjoy meeting and playing music with other children at group lessons, workshops and concerts. 

Find out more about the Suzuki Method and its benefits here. 

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