Charlotte Clemson Suzuki

London Suzuki Group

All my students are members of the London Suzuki Group (LSG), which provides them with rewarding and valuable opportunities to enjoy making music with numerous children from different backgrounds and standards of playing in performance venues around London and further afield. Taking part in LSG concerts, workshops and 'playtogethers', gives Suzuki students the chance to share their progress, be inspired by their peers, and become comfortable with performing in public.

Forthcoming LSG Concerts & Events

Surrey Suzuki Workshop

Date: Sunday 17 November 

Venue: Croydon High School

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London Suzuki Group - Groups Festival Concert 

Date: Sunday 1 March 

Venue: St John's Smith Square

British Suzuki Institute Gala Week

Dates: April 2020 (Royal Albert Hall Concert Sunday 12 April 2020)

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